We are our own worst enemy

We are our own worst enemies, and most of the time, we haven’t even noticed that. Because we are too focused on blaming others for our misfortunes, we have the wrong belief that life is our enemy when, in fact, our true enemy is ourselves.

If you feel that nothing is going right in your life, if you feel that your relationship, your job, your career, or anything else is not going as you wanted, and if you keep pointing fingers at others, making them guilty for your failure, thinking that everyone is your enemy, let me tell you something. They are not, or probably they are not your worst enemies, because there is no worse enemy than the one who resides inside yourself.

You are not where you want to be because of you; it is you who is sabotaging your own dreams. No one has the power to control your life but you because if you truly want something, no matter how small or big, if you believe in yourself, you will get it unless you keep being a victim, letting others take control of your own destiny.


“Very often we are our own worst enemy as we foolishly build stumbling blocks on the path that leads to success and happiness.” – Louis Binstock


The problem is not that we have an enemy living inside all of us, but the problem itself is that we make it grow day after day with our thoughts and our lack of trust in ourselves. When the enemy has grown enough, it ceases to be part of us because, in fact, it becomes us. When we become our worst enemy, we no longer have control of our own lives, leaving everything to chance, which most of the time is not in our favor.

When we become our worst enemy, we adopt the victim role, so we accuse life and everyone on it for everything that happens to us; we believe that someone else is at fault, and so we blame others, we blame our past, we blame our dad and mom and brothers and sisters and our entire family, we blame the country in where we live, we blame society, we blame our job, our boss, our colleagues, we blame our school, our teachers, we blame everyone except ourselves because it’s easier for us to accept that someone else has the fault rather than to admit that we have the fault of everything because we haven’t done anything to change our life because we know that it will require a lot of strength, commitment, and courage to create whatever we want to create in our life.

“Beware of no man more than of yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us.” – Charles Spurgeon




The good news is that life allows you to start again; every minute of every hour, you have the opportunity to recreate yourself, and you can decide to stop being your worst enemy and start being your best friend, and you can do this through love, because love is the most wonderful gift we have, love is more powerful than fear, so you can be your worst enemy through fear, insecurities, and hate, or you can be your best friend through love what will make you believe in yourself again, giving you the courage, strength and trust you will need to get the life you always wanted, or you can continue being your worst enemy and sabotaging every step of the way to success and blaming others for that.

Remember that you will never get where you want to get if you don’t make peace with yourself. The only way to have the life of your dreams is to believe in yourself, and you will never believe in yourself if you are your worst enemy, because you don’t trust your enemies, you trust your friends, so become your best friend, and take back the control of your life, because it’s the only way to change your life, being in control makes you be the creator of your own reality, so you can change your reality at any time you want.

“Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.” – Laird Hamilton

Be your worst enemy and listen every day to that inner voice that says: you can’t do it, you are not good enough, you are pathetic, everyone hates you, happy life is not for you, you are a coward, you are useless, everyone has the fault for your failure, you’re a loser just accept it and live with that! Or, my friend, you can become your best friend and start loving and believing in yourself, knowing that you are capable of doing anything you want in your life; become your best friend and listen to your heart and soul, that will say to you every day: you are amazing, you can do it, don’t worry try again, you deserve better, you have all the potential you need to make your dreams come true, you have the power to start again, you’re a winner!

You can make yourself a winner or a loser. Whether you choose, you are responsible! Let love be your guide, not fear. Don’t be your worst enemy and sabotage your own life and dreams. Be your best friend and change your whole life experience!

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