Dealing with the negative voices in our heads

We have all experienced negative voices in our heads. The kind of voices that abruptly appear in our minds, take over our thoughts and have the power to change our whole life experience in a second. These voices are the vilest critics, they will criticize, condemn, and judge us to the point that if we do not learn to silence them, we might end up believing them and this will become an obstacle to developing the greatness within us and will stop us from becoming the kind of person we are capable of becoming. Stay with me so we can see together how to understand and deal with our negative voices.

Believing in negative thoughts is the single greatest obstruction to success. Charles F. Glassman negative voices

Once the negative voices start talking the chaos begins, like an earthquake, they can have different intensities, from a simple tremor with minor consequences to a devastating tremor that can have a serious impact on our life. At any given moment and for no apparent reason they might simply show up, the voices are so deep and strong that somehow, they always find the way to disturb our peace. It brings sorrow, sadness, anger, and frustration. Those negative feelings product of those negative voices can last for seconds, minutes, hours, days and even years. 

The duration of the effect caused in us by these negative voices and thoughts depend on one thing and one thing only: Us. We cannot stop them from arising, but we can find a way to deal with them. The most important thing to understand is that every human on this planet goes through the same struggle of dealing with these negative voices. It is not an issue of the weakest but even the strongest ones suffer the same, the key is to become as wise as possible as to know the difference between their reality which is always obscure, negative and judgmental and the real truth which is the one you should discover, the truth that dwells within you, the truth of who you really are, and that is not something these voices know, but is something you must come to realize.

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.” – Mahatma Gandhi

These kind of voices are the ones telling us that we are worthless, that we are not capable of anything, that no one likes us, that people think we are stupid or that we are this and that, they try to convince us that we do everything wrong and that we are guilty of everything that is wrong in our lives. “No one loves you!” “No one likes you!” “You are a failure!” “You are useless!” “You are ugly!” “The world would be better without you!” “See how stupid you look now!” “I told you, this happened because you are pathetic” “You did a mistake like you always do!” “You are not smart enough and never will!” I could continue with all the different negative voices that have crossed my mind at least once. Do they look familiar to you? These or other kinds of negative voices have always crossed the mind of every single one of us in one way or another. 

The truth is that they are always telling us something beyond the words, there is a reason why they happen, and the key is to find the roots, where they originate, and then we will understand why, and once we know the why, we are going to be able to decrease the number of times they happen and when they do we will be ready to know how to use them in our favor. Normally they tend to be the product of our own fears, insecurities, frustrations, low self-esteem, past experiences and a wrong idea of life and who we really are due to the false concepts established in our society.

“All negativity is an illusion created by the limited mind to protect and defend itself.” – Ambika Wauters

How do I deal with them? As soon as they start talking, I try, quickly as possible to stop them, I do that not by avoiding them and pretending that they are not there, but I acknowledge them, I admit they are there, I listen to them, I allow myself to feel whatever I feel at that precise moment and then I decide. Do I let them take control, losing the ability to choose what to feel or do I show them who has the control here? I take the control back. I see them as something they exist but I know they do not define me. Normally I either think quietly and tell them to stop, sometimes I even scream, STOP! I analyze the situation and understand why they are telling me what they are telling me and then I make my own conclusions. 

There are always two possibilities, either they are right or have some kind of truth or they are completely wrong. If they are wrong, and you can clearly see that, then you have already all the power to silence those voices and keep moving forward without letting them interfere with your life, and you do this but expressing them silently or out loud the reasons why they are wrong, telling your own truth about what you believe, by confronting them with your truth, you take the power away from them and their voices will slowly fade away. On the other hand, if they are right or let’s say, there is some sort of truth on what they say, then it is important to find the positive side of everything. It is important, to be honest with your self and it is important to find the real truth. 

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

For example, if I made a mistake and these voices are telling me everything I did wrong and how terrible should I feel because of them, then I try to stop those voices. I silence the mind, I see what I have done, I understand that they are right about the fact that I did something I shouldn’t have done but I don’t keep listening to them, but rather I find the solution by focusing on how to make things right instead of focusing on what went wrong. Of course, It is not always possible to revert what you have done, but there is always a positive side of everything and by focusing on that, by learning, by doing things better, you give yourself the possibility to decide who you are and who do you want to become rather than staying stuck in who you are not by listening to those voices that condemn, judge and criticize you.

The key is to not let them define who you are. Yes, we make mistakes, we have imperfections, we might have a lot to learn, we can have low self-esteem, we can have thousand of fears and doubts, and those voices will use all of that against us, but in the end, it is you who you really define yourself. If you do not like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you look at it. Be the person that makes you happy, discover your own truth about yourself, so when these voices arise, you will have the right tools to fight back!

¿Estás comprometido a cambiar tu vida?

Si gastáramos la misma cantidad de energía que gastamos en quejarnos en crear la vida que queremos, que diferente sería nuestra vida. El problema es que no siempre estamos comprometidos a cambiar nuestras vidas como lo estamos en quejarnos sobre todo aquellas cosas que no nos gustan de la vida. La buena noticia es que la vida que deseamos, las cosas que queremos, y absolutamente todo es posible, solamente necesitamos comprometernos diariamente a crear la vida que deseamos experimentar. ¿Estás comprometido a cambiar tu vida?

"Cuando se enfrenta a un desafío, el corazón comprometido buscará una solución. El corazón indeciso buscará un escape." - Andy Andrews

Pueden haber muchas cosas que no nos gustan de nuestra vida, pero en lugar de hacer algo para cambiarlo, gastamos nuestro precioso tiempo quejándonos de todas aquellas cosas que no nos gustan. Tendemos a enfocarnos en el problema, y no en la solución. Nos conformamos con una vida miserable, en lugar de pelear por la vida que realmente queremos. No nos comprometemos a cambiar nuestras vidas porque ya estamos muy comprometidos en quejarnos sobre todas aquellas cosas que odiamos de nuestras vidas.

¿Por qué? Porque así es más fácil, es difícil cambiar nuestra vida. Requiere que abandonemos nuestra zona de confort, la cual en realidad no es tan confortable, pero en este lugar tenemos todo lo que necesitamos para sobrevivir, por lo que nos negamos a hacer algo para cambiar nuestra situación actual, quejándonos así de por vida. ¿Pero puedes imaginarte que diferente sería nuestra vida si tan solo decidiéramos hacer algo para cambiarla? Lo primero que debemos saber es que si no estamos realmente comprometidos en hacer algo con el fin de cambiarla todo va a permanecer cómo está, y nada va a cambiar.

“El compromiso es ese punto de inflexión en tu vida cuando aprovechas el momento para alterar tu destino.” – Denis Waitley

He encontrado muchas veces personas frustradas porque no están conformes con su trabajo, o su situación financiera actual, personas que no son felices con las cosas que están haciendo, con la profesión que han elegido, personas que son infelices con la relación que tienen con sus parejas, personas que están deprimidas y tristes porque no están viviendo la vida que desean o haciendo las cosas que aman hacer, personas que están disconformes con su condición de salud, personas que están frustradas porque continuamente desaprueban los exámenes en la escuela o en la universidad, personas las cuales de hecho tienen razones para quejarse y sentirse miserables pero personas que no han hecho nada para cambiar sus vidas.

Me he encontrado muchas veces a mí misma dentro de de ese tipo de personas, las cuales se quejan pero no hacen nada. Siempre he pensado que fácil sería mi vida si hubiese tenido la misma suerte que Aladino de haber encontrado una lámpara mágica en la cual un genio pudiese salir para ofrecerme tres deseos. Frustrada y decepcionada porque aquella fantasía nunca se volvería realidad, un día, de repente descubrí que yo podría llegar a ser mi propio genio. A ver, siempre he creído que Dios estaba allí para ayudarme, ¿entonces porque no estaba haciendo nada para cambiar mi vida? Porque nunca creí en mí misma. Entonces un día decidí convertirme en mi propio genio, dejando el hábito de quejarme, convirtiéndome en la creadora de mi destino.

“El compromiso abre las puertas de la imaginación, permite la visión y nos brinda las cosas adecuadas para convertir nuestro sueño en realidad.” – James Womack

Tú también puedes convertirte en tu propio genio de la lámpara mágica. La primera decisión que debes tomar es decidir qué es lo que quieres realmente y tomar el primer paso en dirección a tu meta. Se dice que Roma no fue construida en un día, por lo tanto, no te desmotives si no puedes cambiar tu vida de la noche a la mañana. Si realmente estás comprometido a hacer que suceda, y si tomas los pasos correctos en dirección a tus sueños, terminarás cambiando tu vida por completo. ¿Quieres resultados diferentes? ¡cambia tus acciones! El mismo comportamiento te dará los mismos resultados. ¿No te gusta tu trabajo? ¡cámbialo! ¿no te va bien en la escuela o en la universidad? ¡estudia más! ¿no tienes suficiente dinero? ¡gasta menos! ¿quieres viajar? ¡hazlo! Lo sé, no es tan fácil como parece, pero si te enfocas en encontrar la forma de cambiar las cosas que no te hacen feliz, tarde o temprano la terminarás encontrando, y la clave es: el compromiso diario.

Enfócate en la solución, no en el problema. Deja de quejarte y toma el control de tu propia vida, y crea resultados nuevos y mejores. ¿Cuándo deberías comenzar? ¡Hoy mismo! ¿Qué debes hacer? Decide qué es lo que realmente quieres. ¿Qué hacer luego? ¡Toma el primer paso! No importa lo que hagas para comenzar, lo importante es comenzar. Comienza a construir la vida que quieres de la forma que puedas y con lo que tengas ahora, y a medida que vayas para adelante paso a paso, vas a encontrarte con nuevas oportunidades, personas que estarán listas para ayudarte, herramientas que te ayudaran a construir tu sueño, y si estas realmente comprometido, tarde o temprano, la vida te recompensara con un nuevo mañana. 

“La mayoría de las personas fracasan, no por falta de deseo, sino por falta de compromiso.” – Vince Lombardi

No es tan difícil como parece, de hecho, es más fácil de lo que pensamos. La clave es hacer aquellas cosas que debemos hacer con el fin de hacer que suceda, y esa es la única forma de conseguir lo que deseamos. Lo que sea por lo que estemos infelices ahora con nuestra vida, quejándonos no vamos a cambiar nada. A veces podemos simplemente resolver aquello que no va bien con nuestras vidas, pero a veces requiere un compromiso mayor, y a veces la única forma de mejorar nuestras vidas, de obtener lo que queremos, y tener la vida que deseamos, es haciendo un cambio radical en nuestras vidas. Comienza ahora, comienza hoy, y paso a paso crea la vida que quieres experimentar. ¡Todo es posible para aquellos que se animan a soñar y están lo suficientemente comprometidos como para hacer que sucedan!

No te des por vencido, no te olvides de tus sueños y crea la vida que deseas. ¡Si estás realmente comprometido a cambiar tu vida no hay nada que pueda detenerte!

Stepping Into The Unknown

When you decide to step into the unknown, life rewards you with a whole new world of opportunities. It is there where miracles happen, and one day, when you less expect it, like magic, almost instantly, life revolutionize your whole reality, and the impossible becomes possible, what seemed only a fantasy becomes real, you can suddenly touch that what it seemed unreachable, your heartbeat increases, the adrenaline runs through your veins, you feel what you have never felt before, you give a deep breath, and then in that precise moment your soul awakens, you become conscious. You have stepped into the unknown, now the adventure begins.



"Relinquish your attachment to the known, step into the unknown, and you will step into the field of all possibilities." - Deepak Chopra



You realize that now you are truly alive, and you understand the meaning of being alive and that feeling connects you with your soul, with your true self and everything else around you. You feel reborn, your soul expands, a strong energy travels all over your body flooding it with happiness, and that strong and deep energy is then released into the world, out to the universe, a new star is born, a whole new world is now in front of you, your awake, you are alive and that is all that matters. 

The unknown holds within the greatest treasures, because it is there, in that particular place where everything is possible, there are no boundaries, it is the place where magic happens but in order to be able to experience the feeling of being in such place one has to be willing to cross the barrier, to leave behind what is known, what is comfortable and be ready to expose yourself to a whole new reality and in order to do this we have to be willing to face our fears, to be ready to take risks, and to go for it, no buts, no maybes, no halfway, all in, deeply, completely, with your whole self. 



“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” – Alan Alda



That is what I experienced when I decided to turn my whole life around by stepping into the unknown. It takes months to decide and one minute to make it happen, one minute to change your whole life, and then miracles happen. In that moment of decision, of action, life enlightened me, it showed me a world of new opportunities and slowly it whispered: “Go my dear soul, I set you free, go get what makes your soul on fire, the world is yours, discover it, experience it, come back to where you belong, take what you deserve, and be happy.” 

My 30s arrived with doubts and fears, with an old world falling into pieces, burning, disappearing, the afraid of becoming old, a failing marriage, uncertainty, but they also came with a whole new world ahead of me, calling my name, extending a hand from the sky, like if it was God itself, taking my hand, pulling me up from the hole, saving me, and telling me: “There is a whole new world waiting for you, you have wished, here is the answer to your prayer, the life you deserve awaits you”. The unknown, the wild, the miraculous, the impossible was in front of me, and I decided to take it, I wanted to do that what feared me, I wanted to do the things no one thought I could do, I wanted to start again, to dream a new dream, to shape a new life and create a brand new future, I wanted to experience life on a whole new level and then the magic happened. 



“When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.” – Patrick Overton 



I was invited to join a 5 days Expedition by the owners of the company I work for as a present for the arrival of the wonderful and scary 30s. The trip consisted in driving your own sled with the company of 6 Alaskan Huskies through the most magical Arctic tundra in all different weather conditions, sleeping in tents, with no modern comfort, rather traveling back in time, to a more primitive kind of lifestyle, the one we lost, the one that connects our soul back to our roots, the one that provides the most wonderful of the feelings, the one that challenges you and makes you realize that the simplest things were, are and will always be the most important thing a human can have. 

With no showers or toilets, no electricity, sleeping in tents surrounded by snow, with the weather changing from a completely clear sky to a snowstorm and furious winds in a matter of seconds, driving the sled with unstoppable and energetic Alaskan Huskies from an easy path to an exhausting uphill to narrow and bumpy trails. After hours on the sleds, we arrived at the different places where we stayed for the night, we needed to unpack the sleds, feed the dogs, build the tents, melt snow to have warm water to drink and water to warm up already made food we carried out in boxes on our sleds, to finally taking out the heavy winter boots and expedition jackets and pants, to find shelter inside a sleeping bag on a tent, in the wilderness, our roof was the sky, our floor the snow, our neighbors: the Huskies, and nature in its more pure state. Waking up in the Arctic, preparing breakfast in the tent, putting on the boots and jackets, and getting ready to put everything back on the sleds to continue the journey into the wild.  With our huskies and sled ready we began the journey again, more fascinating landscapes, more emotions, the feeling of being truly alive, an intense sense of freedom, a deep connection with nature and happiness in its purest state. 

After 5 intense and magical days, and after driving for hours in the most wonderful conditions surrounded by the most amazing landscapes we reached the pickup point where they were waiting for us. The trip was finished but it was not the end but the beginning of a whole new life. I had tears in my eyes, we said goodbye to each other, and especially we gave our respect to the most magical of the beings, the Alaskan Huskies, the ones that with their enthusiasm, their free spirit, their passion, and strength took us for the most wonderful of the trips. 



“If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.” – Eleonora Duse 



I was not the same, I was reborn, I understood that I have put myself into a place far away from my comfort zone and that I have succeeded, and I understood that real life happens when you decide to do what you are afraid of doing, or when you do what you truly love, when you enjoy life to the fullest, when you are not afraid of the unknown but you rather embrace it, and you let it surprise you. You discover your true strength, your true self, your true nature and only then you know that the sky is the limit. 





In order to experience an extraordinary life, one must be willing to leave the comfort of ordinary life. Leaving the shore, sailing to the unknown, discovering new worlds, making possible the impossible and living life to the fullest! 

Las Noches Polares: Soportando la Oscuridad

Otro año ha terminado, y un nuevo año ha comenzado. Hemos dejado atrás nuestro pasado, y ahora estamos enfocados en las nuevas experiencias que están por venir, periodo de oscuridad y de luz pasarán por tu puerta, pero aquí se encuentra una importante lección para este nuevo año que recién ha comenzado, y tú eres la estrella principal. ¡Únete y juntos encontremos una nueva clave para que este nuevo año sea el más maravilloso de todos!



"Amaré la luz porque me enseña el camino, pero soportaré la oscuridad porque me muestra las estrellas." - Og Mandino



Vivir sobre el círculo polar ártico, en una hermosa ciudad llamada Tromsø, en el norte de Noruega, no sólo me ha provisto de fascinantes paisajes, maravillosa naturaleza y experiencias únicas, sino que también me ha enseñado dos lecciones importantes: Que la oscuridad es temporal, ya que la luz siempre encontrará la manera de volver a brillar, y la segunda lección es: Que la oscuridad permanecerá hasta que decidamos encontrar nuestra propia luz, ya que no hay luz más brillante de la que tenemos dentro de nosotros mismos, una fuente inagotable de luz capaz de proveer luz en las más profundas de las oscuridades. ¿Qué quiero decir con esto? Déjame que te explique.

En Tromsø, puedes experimentar lo que se conoce como “Las noches polares”. Durante este periodo, que comienza el 21 de noviembre y termina el 21 de enero, el sol permanece debajo del horizonte, esto significa que por dos meses no podemos ver el sol, teniendo sólo entre 3 y 4 horas de luz por día, un hermoso color azulado pero sin sol, luego de esas horas uno experimenta oscuridad absoluta. ¿Te lo puedes imaginar? Sin sol, sin luz, sólo oscuridad.



“El verdadero significado de la iluminación es mirar con los ojos intactos a toda la oscuridad.” – Nikos Kazantzakis 



Durante este periodo tu cuerpo y mente se sienten cansados, te falta vitamina D, te puedes sentir más deprimido y con menos energía. Desde el “Sol de medianoche” con 24 horas de luz en verano a casi 24 horas de oscuridad. Tu mente pierde la noción del tiempo y el espacio, no te puedes concentrar, estas irritable y quieres dormir todo el día, y terminas teniendo dos opciones:  Sucumbes al periodo de oscuridad, perdiendo el control de tus emociones, permitiendo que la tristeza, el enojo, el estrés y la frustración sean parte de tu vida diaria, o puedes decidir sacar lo mejor de este periodo, tomando el control de tus emociones, proporcionando tu propia luz a lo largo del camino.

Esto no significa qué no vas a sentir tristeza, frustración o enojo, pero sabrás que tienes el control para transformar esas emociones en aquellas que te harán sentir mejor. Aquí, en Tromsø, puedes ver durante este periodo las Auroras Boreales, esa mágica luz verde brillando en el cielo oscuro, puedes ver las estrellas y la luna casi todo el tiempo cuando el cielo este despejado, puedes encontrar la forma de ver belleza en tanta oscuridad, puedes tomar vitaminas extras, y encontrar la forma de sentirte mejor, y lo más importante es que tienes el poder para encontrar luz dentro de tu propia alma, y al final, la oscuridad es tan hermosa como los más hermosos días de verano.



“La esperanza es poder ver qué hay luz a pesar de toda la oscuridad.” – Desmond Tutu



He aprendido que en realidad, este periodo no siempre sucede dentro de estos dos meses, sino que en realidad puede suceder en cualquier momento y cualquier lugar, es parte del ciclo de la vida, podemos experimentar durante toda nuestra vida varios periodos de “Noches Polares” donde entramos en un periodo de completa oscuridad, y podemos sentirnos tristes, enojados, frustrados, podemos sentirnos cansados y deprimidos, y toda nuestra vida puede parecer estar fuera de nuestro control, pero la clave es ver este periodo como una oportunidad y no como castigo, es un período para reconectarse con nuestro verdadero ser, es una oportunidad para hacer brillar nuestra luz y proveer luz donde hay solo oscuridad. El día que te des cuenta que puedes controlar como te sientes independientemente de tus circunstancias actuales, es el día en el que vas a haber encontrado la clave para una vida con menos sufrimiento y más alegría, menos tristeza y más felicidad.

Es importante saber que un día el sol saldrá de nuevo, pero, es más importante saber que al final, no son las circunstancias actuales lo que realmente determina cómo nos vamos a sentir, porque la tristeza, el vacío interior, la depresión puede suceder en los días más radiantes, pero es nuestra propia fuerza, coraje, perseverancia, y deseo de hacer brillar la luz en nuestras almas y dar luz a nuestra vida.





Si el sol no brilla, brilla tú, y si brilla, brilla más fuerte, porque es tu propia luz, tu verdadero ser, lo que hace que este mundo sea un lugar hermoso. ¡Brilla como las estrellas, enciende tu alma, y con ese fuego da luz y calor a todos los seres de este planeta! ¡Que este nuevo año sea el año que tu alma brille como nunca!

Polar Nights: Embracing Darkness

Another year has ended, and a new year has begun. We have left behind our past and we are focused on the new experiences to come, periods of darkness and light may come to your door, but here there is an important lesson for the new year that has begun, and you are the main star. Join me and together let’s find a new key to making this year the most wonderful of all!



"I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars." - Og Mandino



Living above the Article Circle, in a beautiful city called Tromsø, in Northern Norway, has not only provided me with fascinating landscapes, amazing nature and unique experiences but it has also taught me two important lessons: The Darkness is temporary, and the light will always find its way to shine again and the second lesson is: The darkness will remain as long as we decide to find our own light, because there is no brighter light than the one we have within ourselves, an unstoppable source of light capable of providing light in the darkest places. What do I mean with this? Let me explain you.

In Tromsø you can experience what is called “The Polar Nights”. During this period that begins on the 21 November and lasts until the 21 January, the Sun remains under the horizon, this means that for two months we cannot see the Sun, only having between 3 to 4 hours of daylight, a beautiful bluish color but no Sun, after those hours you experience full darkness. Can you imagine it? No sun, no light, only darkness. 



“The real meaning of enlightenment is to gaze with undimmed eyes on all darkness.” – Nikos Kazantzakis



During this period your body and mind feel tired, you lack Vitamin D, you might feel more depressed and with less energy. From the “Midnight Sun” with 24 hours of daylight in summer to almost 24 hours of darkness. Your mind loses track of time and space, you cannot focus, you are irritable and want to sleep the whole time, and you end up having two options: You either succumb to this period of darkness, ceasing to control your emotions letting sadness, anger, stress, and frustration be part of your daily life or you can decide to make the best out of this period, taking back the control of your emotions providing your own light along the way. 

This does not mean you will not feel sadness, frustration or anger, but you will know that you have the control to transform those emotions into the ones that will make you feel better. Here, in Tromsø, you can see during this period the Northern Lights, the magical green light shining in the dark sky, you can see the stars and the moon most of the time when there is clear sky, you can find the way to see beauty in such darkness, you get extra vitamins, you find the way to feel better, and the most important thing is that you have the power to find light within your own soul, and in the end, darkness is as beautiful as the most wonderful summer days. 



“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu



I learned that actually this period does not always happen between those two months, but it actually can happen at any time and everywhere, it is part of the cycle of life, we can experience during our whole lifetime several periods of “Polar Nights” where we enter a period of complete darkness and we might feel sadness, anger, frustration, we might feel tired and depressed and our whole life may seem to be out of our control, but the key is to see this period as an opportunity rather than a punishment, it is a period to reconnect with whom we really are, it is an opportunity to make our light shine and bring light were there is only darkness. The day you realize that you can control how you feel regardless of your current circumstances, it is the day that you will have mastered the key to a life of less suffering and more joy, less sadness, and more happiness. 

It is important to know that one day the sun will rise again, but, it is more important to know that in the end, it is not the current circumstances what really determines how we are gonna feel, because sadness, feelings of emptiness, depression can happen in the most brighter days, but it is our own strength, courage, perseverance and willing to sparkle the light in our own souls and bring light to our life.




If the sun does not shine, you shine, and if it shines, you shine brighter, because it is your own light, your true self, what makes this world a beautiful place. Shine like the stars, lit your soul and with the fire bring light and warmth to the human hearts! May this New Year be the year you make your soul shine! 

Become an Unstoppable Dreamer

I am an unstoppable dreamer. I dream from the smallest dreams to the biggest ones, from the most insignificant to the extraordinary ones. For me, dreams are different adventures along the way in the path of our life, and every single one is a challenge that makes our life much more meaningful. My brain is addicted to goals and dreams, and my soul is an unstoppable seeker of new adventures. Deep inside we are all dreamers, but not all dare to dream, and not all are willing to make them happen. Are you a dreamer and are you willing to make them come true?




“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” - Harriet Tubman




As long as you have something to believe in, the emptiness that you may find inside yourself is filled up with the most magical of the feelings: Love, excitement, joy, satisfaction, you name it. Believing in the kind of things that make your soul dance is what transforms an ordinary life to an extraordinary one and having dreams and believe they can come true is what lights the spark hidden inside all of us, is what pushes us to the limit, is what reveals the greatness within us.

One particular thing about this society is that it has taught us that there are two kinds of dreams: the impossible ones and those that can be bought and that by buying them one can obtain what we are all looking for: Happiness. The society in where we live has corrupted, raped, torn apart, messed up dreams, and have used them as a selling machine. It created in us the necessity to have certain things, it shaped our own beliefs and with that sabotaged our dreams, and gave us false dreams and a wrong idea of happiness. 



“Dream your own dreams, achieve your own goals. Your journey is your own and unique.” – Roy Bennett



That is why we tend to go after things we do not need with the wrong idea that will make us happy, and the price we end up paying is higher than the price of a certain product or service themselves. Therefore, it is important to remember to dream our own dreams and not make the dreams of others become our dreams, do not fall in the trap of thinking that by doing what you have to do in life, what is established, what you are supposed to do is the only dream we can dream, but rather believe that life is a box full of tiny little dreams and magical experiences waiting to be discovered. Do not be afraid of dreaming, just open your soul to the realm of dreams, fly, imagine, discover, make them happen.

The problem is that we tend to be afraid of dreams, or in fact, we are afraid of failure, we are afraid of being disappointed, so we avoid dreaming big, or anything at all, in order to avoid the painful experience of being rejected and knocked down by reality. But you know what? Reality is an illusion and failure is only real for those who have given up. Absolutely no one can tell you that you cannot dream, no one is the owner of your dreams and the ruler of your imagination, you have the power to dream infinite dreams, so go ahead, dream big, dream always!



“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. “ – Anatole France



One thing important to remember is that perhaps not all dreams will come true, but that is what makes them so special, what meaning would dreams have if all of them were possible to come true? There would be no excitement, no passion, no joy, and life would have not been the same without dreamers and dreams, and would have been merely a tedious and dreadful experience. Therefore, do not be afraid to be a dreamer, do not be afraid to dream, just dream, make them happen, dream again, and above all enjoy life with what you have, where you are, do not need anything to be happy, just be, and then enjoy the path to your dreams, and work hard to make them happen.




I am a believer, I am a dreamer, I am happy here and now. I live the life of my dreams, I am free. You can be a dreamer too, you can dream and live the life of your dreams! 

Dar las cosas por sentado: Cuando lo importante se vuelve invisible

Cuanto más vemos algo más invisible se vuelve. Tomamos por sentado cosas que alguna vez deseamos, cosas que son esenciales para nuestro bienestar, cosas de valor, tesoros, maravillosas cosas y personas extraordinarias que enriquecen nuestra vida. El problema es que la sociedad de consumo en la que vivimos nos ha vuelto ciegos. Hemos perdido todo tipo de contacto con todo lo que es realmente importante, y hemos enfocado toda nuestra energía en cosas menos importantes. Lo increíble es que siempre terminamos dándonos cuenta que tan importante es algo cuando lo perdemos. Ese es el momento en que aprendemos a darle el valor merecido.




"No es una mala idea dedicar de vez en cuando un poco de tiempo a pensar en todas aquellas cosas que se dan por sentadas. Simples cosas cotidianas." - Evan Davis




Había una vez un mundo mágico. Este estaba lleno de maravillas y tesoros. Estaba tan perfectamente diseñado que tan solo un experto artesano podría haber sido el creador de semejante obra. Era tan hermosa, tan magnificente, tan extraordinaria… era la mayor obra jamás creada.
Este paraíso llamado “Tierra” estaba compuesto de minerales, agua, montañas, océanos, arboles, flores, hermosas tierras, lagos, magníficas criaturas, frutas, semillas, vegetales, y si uno miraba para arriba se podía apreciar durante el día un hermoso cielo azul, un hermoso sol, o un cautivante cielo gris donde se podían ver pequeñas gotas de agua cayendo, o mágicos copos de nieve, y durante la noche se podría apreciar una brillante luna, y un cielo repleto de estrellas.

Este mundo todavía existe, es el mundo en el que vives. Es la joya en la cual caminas día tras día, un paraíso que has olvidado por estar muy enfocado en otras cosas menos importantes. ¿Cuándo fue la ultima vez que te has detenido para contemplar lo que este mundo tiene para ofrecer? ¿Cuándo fue la ultima vez que disfrutaste todos los regalos de este planeta? Tantos hermosos colores, aromas, sabores, sonidos y texturas, y nosotros los tomamos por sentado, ¿Cómo podemos ser tan ciegos?



“Cuanto más a menudo vemos las cosas a nuestro alrededor, incluso las cosas bellas y maravillosas, más invisibles se vuelven para nosotros. Es por eso que a menudo damos por sentado la belleza de este mundo: las flores, los árboles, los pájaros, las nubes, incluso aquellos que amamos. Como vemos las cosas con tanta frecuencia, las vemos cada vez menos.” – Joseph B. Wirthlin



El principal problema es que constantemente anhelamos cosas que no tenemos, olvidándonos de lo que ya tenemos. Una vez que obtenemos lo que deseamos, alguna otra cosa toma su lugar, y aquello que deseábamos en primer lugar rápidamente pierde su valor. Esto no solo sucede con objetos materiales, sino con todo a nuestro alrededor. Tomamos por sentado cosas materiales, personas que amamos, tomamos por sentado lo que comemos, bebemos, tomamos por sentada nuestra salud, la naturaleza a nuestro alrededor, y tomamos por sentado nuestro tiempo en este planeta.

Yo suelo ser una persona que sonríe mucho, y en este mundo esto suele ser muchas veces algo inusual. Recuerdo cuando alguien una vez me pregunto: ¿Por qué siempre estas sonriendo? A lo que conteste: “Porque la vida es bella” y con una sonrisa esta persona asintió. Lo que quiero hacerte ver es que los motivos para sonreír son miles, simplemente hay que observar mejor y apreciar más cada detalle importante de nuestra vida diaria. Simplemente mira hacia tu alrededor, tenemos todo lo que necesitamos, hoy en día incluso la vida es mas maravillosa que cientos de años atrás, todo es mas simple, vivimos en un mundo de oportunidades, y así y todo seguimos viviendo tristes y enojados ya sea porque estamos constantemente buscando cosas que no necesitamos, o por que estamos atados a cosas que ya no poseemos, mientras que minimizamos lo que tenemos.



“A menudo damos por sentado las cosas que más merecen nuestra gratitud.” – Cynthia Ozick



El gran problema de tomar las cosas por sentado es que nos olvidamos de cuidarlas, tomando el riesgo de perderlas. Es por eso que nuestro planeta esta en peligro, y con ella nuestra mera existencia, porque estamos tan acostumbrados a su belleza, a su existencia, a sus recursos, el agua, el aire y estamos tan acostumbrados a la vida misma que no prestamos atención al daño que le estamos causando. Tomamos por sentada nuestra salud es por eso que no cuidamos nuestro cuerpo poniendo en riesgo nuestras propias vidas. Tomamos por sentadas nuestra familia, y es por ello que a veces olvidamos de llamarlos, verlos no sabiendo que algún día podrían no estar mas, al mismo tiempo, tomamos por sentada a nuestra pareja, por lo que solemos olvidar de dar el amor que merecen, provocando un distanciamiento o ruptura. Tomamos por sentado nuestro tiempo, es por ello que no lo gastamos en aquellas cosas que verdaderamente importan, agotando lo mas sagrado de nuestras vidas, nuestro tiempo.

Por lo tanto, te desafío a que cierres tus ojos por un minuto e intenta imaginarte como seria tu vida si no tuvieses las cosas que hoy tienes, tu familia, tus amigos, la persona que amas, las cosas que posees, tu salud, el sol, la lluvia, las montañas, los arboles, las aves y todos los animales de este planeta, tu hogar, imagina que ya no hubiese mas agua, mas comida, mas aire para respirar, mas libertad, o tiempo.



“Hay muchas cosas buenas en tu vida, no las des por sentado. No te concentres tanto en el sufrimiento que te pierdas el regalo de hoy.” – Joel Osteen



Tan solo imagina que diferente seria el mundo, que distinta seria nuestra realidad sin todo aquello que tenemos, y que damos por sentado, seria como vivir una pesadilla, pero ¿quieres saber algo? Hay personas ya experimentando esa pesadilla, aquí en este planeta mientras tú tomas por sentado todas las cosas que tienes, sufriendo por aquellas que no tienes, hay personas que tienen menos de lo que tu tienes, y si no somos cuidadosos con nuestras acciones, si no dejamos de contaminar el planeta, si no dejamos de ser los causantes de la extinción de animales, si no dejamos de cortar cada árbol, si no detenemos cada guerra, si no dejamos a un lado el odio, el enojo, el resentimiento, esta pesadilla se hará realidad, y lo perderemos todo, dándonos cuenta que todo aquello que tomábamos por sentado, eran las cosas que le daban sentido a nuestra vida.

Por eso, tomemos 30 minutos por día para contemplar y estar agradecidos por todas aquellas cosas que tenemos. Dejemos lo que estamos haciendo y disfrutemos de la compañía de nuestros seres queridos, admiremos la naturaleza a nuestro alrededor, disfrutemos lo esencial y hermoso de nuestras vidas, porque al fin y al acabo, la vida es hermosa y el mundo en el que vivimos es mágico, solo debemos abrir nuestros ojos y apreciar mas lo hermoso de este mundo.





Porque si felicidad es lo que buscamos, entonces el primer paso es la gratitud, estar agradecidos de lo que tenemos y disfrutar de la vida que poseemos sea cual sea es el camino a la felicidad. Disfruta mas, preocúpate menos, sonríe mas, llora menos y no te olvides de ser feliz!

Escaping Reality

As fugitives, we go throughout our lives escaping from our reality, running and hiding from its claws, we seek redemption from this evil reality wandering around alternate realities in order to enter in the sweet realm of dreams where everything is possible. The question is: Are we condemned to live our whole life escaping from reality to encounter short periods of bliss in our dreams or is it possible that we can make dreams become our daily reality?



"There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality: and then there are some who turn one into the other." - Douglas Hugh Everett



There is no wonder why most humans constantly seek through different ways to escape reality to enter the realm of dreams. Real life can be oppressing, limiting, boring and destructive, therefore we use different methods to escape from the tedious routines from our daily reality to release ourselves and travel to the place where dreams dwell, that wonderful place where everything is possible.

Oh, how beautiful and magical is that place where we travel with our imagination where anything can happen! In that place, there is no sorrow, no pain, no fear, no judgment, no limitations. There is pure bliss, a complete state of ecstasy that makes us touch the sky with our own hands. We can be whoever we want and do whatever we want, the options are endless, and the perk of having no boundaries is that makes our mind fly freely with our imagination.



“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt



Our reality and that place where dreams are possible, seem to be so distant that makes us feel that there is no way that they could one day meet along the path of our lives and become one. The problem is that we seek to be in the clouds by using earthly things as our way to escape not knowing that in order to reach the sky, we have to first release ourselves from the heavy weight of earthly objects to be able to fly among the stars.

What I mean is, that there is no way we can buy dreams, we might think that money, material possessions, power, fame, alcohol, drugs or whatever humans use to run away from reality can make our dreams come true and make us happy, but even though that can work for a short period of time, dreams can only become true if we create them, first with our imagination and second by making them happen, with ideas, plans, hard work, commitment, perseverance, and faith.



“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney



Why running away from reality when we can create the reality we want to experience? One that can look like our dreams, one that can reflect our desires and one that can bring us the feelings we would like to experience. The first step is by acceptance, we need to stop running away so we can face our reality, once we accept and understand what is around us, we can separate the things we cannot change and those we can, and so focus on all those aspects of our lives that we can change and improve in order to make our dreams become our reality.

Once we understand that we have the potential to create the reality we do want to experience, we automatically change the way we see our reality, and it ceases to be the oppressing cage we thought it was, becoming the realm of dreams where everything is possible, becoming a place of opportunities. Once you accept the current circumstances and change the way you see your reality, then you have to become the person you want to become without being afraid of judgment, when you are no longer afraid of the opinions and criticism of others, you are free to be here and now whatever you wish to become, after that, success is inevitable.



“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe



Change your thoughts, and you will change your whole life. Dreams and fairy tales are possible only if you believe they are and if you do what you have to do in order to make them happen. Even if some things do not go as planned and adversity knocks our doors, we are the ones that say: “This is not how my story will end, this is how it begins, and here I will start again and continue moving forward!” Can’t you see it? We have been given that power, the power to face all adversity, the power to make this world a better place for all, a place where dreams happen, a place where we can all live happy and fulfilling lives.





As John Lennon once said: “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” I consider myself an unstoppable dreamer and a tireless advocate of making dreams become a reality. Life is not something we need to run away from, but an opportunity to embrace, an opportunity to make dreams part of our reality!

Persigue Tu Pasión

Pasamos la mayor parte de nuestro tiempo inmersos en una carrera sin fin. Vamos por la vida persiguiendo algo, creyendo que eso nos otorgará lo que deseamos. Este algo es el dinero, y creemos que esto nos ayudará a convertir todos nuestros sueños en realidad. Convertimos el dinero en nuestra prioridad, lo perseguimos a toda costa, y al final de esta carrera pagamos un alto precio por él y terminamos perdiéndolo todo. Nos damos cuenta que el dinero nos volvió ciegos, nos llevo por el camino incorrecto, y así hemos asesinado nuestros propios sueños, quemado nuestros deseos, y extinguido la llama de nuestra pasión. Por la tanto, para que esto no suceda debemos cambiar nuestra dirección, y comenzar a seguir el camino de nuestra pasión, y no del dinero.




"Persigue tu pasión y el éxito te seguirá."




De alguna manera llegamos a convencernos de que el dinero nos hace felices y exitosos. Nos contaron una historia maravillosa sobre el dinero, nos pintaron una fantástica imagen en nuestras mentes, lo que nos otorgo la idea de que el dinero nos permitirá comprar cada bien material de este mundo, y así podremos adquirir una felicidad eterna, y entonces terminamos creyendo esa historia. El problema es que comenzamos a perseguir el dinero en lugar de perseguir nuestra pasión, sin saber que nos dirigíamos directo a aquel lugar de oscuridad y decepción que tanto buscábamos evitar.

El problema cuando perseguimos el dinero es que caemos en una gran trampa. Esta trampa nos atrapa, haciéndonos creer que el dinero es la solución a todos nuestros problemas, y la clave para una vida feliz y plena, es así que comenzamos una búsqueda desesperada por el dinero, cayendo en la trampa, directo en sus garras, y así comienza a devorar lentamente nuestras almas. Consume cada parte de nosotros, y nos vuelve tan adictos, tan dependientes que lo necesitamos con el fin de sobrevivir, haciéndonos creer que de hecho el dinero nos hace feliz, y que la falta del mismo nos hace miserables, y así, ciegos y sordos defendemos la idea hasta que morimos.


“Persigue tu pasión, no tu pensión.” – Denis Waitley


¿Pero cuantas personas exitosas realmente conoces? Y con exitosa no quiero decir, personas con dinero, porque el tener dinero no siempre equivale a éxito, sino que me refiero a personas viviendo su pasión, personas que han conseguido sus sueños y deseos, personas que están felizmente viviendo la vida que deseaban, personas realmente vivas. ¿Cuantas personas puedes ver felices haciendo lo que hacen? No muchas, ¿verdad?

El problema con la mayoría de nosotros es que perseguimos el dinero, luego lo obtenemos y nos conformamos. Siempre y cuando podamos adquirir bienes materiales vamos a seguir teniendo la idea de que somos felices con la vida que tenemos, aunque esa felicidad dependa de algo tan efímero como el dinero. Vivimos bajo un sistema que nos hace creer que el dinero es la clave para la felicidad, entonces no perseguimos lo que realmente nos hace felices, perseguimos el dinero, creyendo que algún día seremos lo suficientemente libres como para comenzar a perseguir nuestra pasión, y ese día, en la mayoría de los casos, nunca llega.


“No existe pasión en conformarse, ni en aceptar una vida que no esté a la altura de lo que cada uno es capaz de vivir.” – Nelson Mandela


Por lo tanto, es importante perseguir tu pasión. Tu pasión es tu propósito, es hacer lo que amas, lo que te hace feliz. No importa cual sea tu pasión, siempre puedes encontrar la forma de vivir haciendo lo que amas. El dinero no debe ser nuestro propósito principal, si ese es el principal motivo de tu existencia entonces, todavía no has descubierto porque realmente estas aquí, y te estas limitando a vivir una vida con sentido.

Si persigues el dinero, siempre estarás persiguiéndolo, pero si persigues tu pasión, el dinero buscara la forma de encontrarte en el camino.
Las personas persiguen dinero, lo obtienen, lo pierden, lo obtienen de nuevo, obtienen mas, pierden mas, lo vuelven a obtener, lo desperdician, vuelven a encontrar la forma de como obtener mas, y así día tras día, se entierran mas y mas en esta locura sin fin. Esto nunca se detiene, es por eso que la mayoría de las personas viven una vida miserable, y el problema no es que tengan dinero o no, el problema es lo que pierden, lo que esconden, lo que sacrifican, lo que matan, lo que destruyen, lo que olvidad a causa de el dinero.


“Si no puedes descubrir tu propósito, descubre tu pasión. Porque tu pasión te conducirá directamente a tu propósito. “ – Obispo T.D. Jakes


¿Cual es tu pasión? ¿Que te hace feliz? ¿Que amas hacer? ¿Cual es tu sueño? Tomate el tiempo de pensar y analizar estas preguntas, encuentra tus propias respuestas. Descubre tu propósito, encuentra tu pasión, y sale a buscarla, persíguela bajo el sol, bajo la tormenta, en la luz y en la oscuridad, cuanto te sientas fuerte o débil, no importa que tan difícil todo parezca ser, o que tan lejos estás de alcanzar tu meta, no importa cuan imposible parezca ser, siempre persigue tu pasión, y todo lo demás, el dinero incluido te seguirá. No te conformes, no te limites, no te conviertas en el asesino de tus propios sueños.




Descubre tu propósito, encuentra tu pasión, decide lo que quieres conseguir y hazlo realidad. Se el mejor, falla, inténtalo de nuevo, falla mejor, no te detengas. ¡Persigue tu pasión con confianza y compromiso y vive la vida de tus sueños!


We Change the World with One Small Action at a Time

Every revolution begins with a small step. Every small action or thought carries the seed of our own success. It is by one small action, by one small thought what can put the world upside down, it is the small details what creates a huge difference and impact on the way human beings live and experience life. One small change can push us forward in the right direction, and the effect will expand and continue without stopping, creating many ripples. Every small action combined will create an impact of massive proportions. Will you accept the challenge? 



"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." - Vincent Van Gogh



One of the main reasons why we tend to fail on the road to success is that we become overwhelmed by how difficult it is to achieve what one desires. The goal normally seems unreachable, rough, distant, or impossible, and because of that, we tend to give up before we even start. Once I wrote that the smalls steps are the ones that push us closer to our dreams and goals making the impossible possible, the unreachable reachable, because the truth is that it is the small actions, carried out day and night, the small thoughts, the small details on every aspect of our lives what creates a revolution, what gives us the power to recreate ourselves anew and gives us the control to create the destiny we wish to obtain.

The problem is that small does not mean easy, and that is what normally tends to stop us from doing that little thing that can change our lives and the lives of others around us. It is important to know that it won’t be easy, nothing that can help us change our life, nothing that can create the life we want to experience and nothing that can give us the reality we wish to experience is going to be easy, therefore, we have to be willing to commit ourselves fully on this project, and accept the fact that the road will be hard and painful, but the result will be worth it.



“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead



What is the main obstacle that can stop us from doing that small change that can change our life and the lives of others? Fear. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of the unknown. We are afraid of being rejected by those who think different, we are afraid of being humiliated, we are afraid of not fitting in, we are afraid of failing in the road to our goals and dreams, and we are afraid of not being able to reach the utmost goal what can give us utter disappointment, we are afraid of what will come next, of what is waiting on the other side once we have decided to walk into the unknown.  

Here you can see that the first limitation we find is our own minds dominated by the power of our fears. It is fear the main cause of failure and the one capable to limit the potential we have to create the life we wish to experience and the change we want to create in the world. Knowing this, it is important to not let fear to control our lives, and we do that not by running away, but by facing them and we do so by one small change in our thoughts. Change your thoughts, begin with a small action, face your fears and change the world.



“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa



I sometimes find people trying to convince me that small changes are worthless and that the world will never be changed, no matter how hard I try. Looking it from their side, you can see that the phrase “change the world” seems pretty big, and you can see that a small action is far from creating the utmost goal of changing the world, and that is easier to do nothing than to face what seems to be a complete failure.

However, if you look it from the perspective of those who believe they can make a difference, you understand that perhaps the utmost goal will not be achieved by one person and on a specific time, and maybe not even long after we have left this world, but you do not let that to limit you because you know that it is the small actions of every human repeated every day and when they are put together makes the impossible possible.



“While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary.” – Matt Bevin



Everything created by humans was once started by one small thought and action, one small change. Every building was once a drawing on a paper, every small action put together by many different people created the drawing into a reality. The key is to believe that it can be done, and with commitment, perseverance and by one good example we can change the world. You can be today the kind of person that decides to do nothing to change their life and the life of others because it is hard or impossible, and waste your potential or you can be that one person that can begin to change the world one action at a time. Remember that it does not matter how little you think you are doing, every small action is never wasted, in fact, it is by our daily positive, kind, and loving actions what make us heroes. 





The world needs more people willing to change the world for the better, we all need more people willing to create a better tomorrow for all of us. Start now, join our side, and together let’s change the world!