Nourishing Your Mind With Positive Thoughts

We are what we eat and so it is with our mind: we are what we think, depending on how you feed your mind, is what you are going to experience in your life. You can have a positive mind or you can have a negative mind, what makes the difference between one and the other is the choice you make when you feed it and what you decide to consume every day.


"If it doesn't nourish your soul, get rid of it."



What we eat and drink through our mouth on a daily basis has consequences in our body, either short-term or long-term:

  • We can eat spoiled food and feel sick right away or after a few days, or we can get very sick after eating unhealthy food on a daily basis for a long period of time.
  • We can also eat fresh food one day and feel great, or we can eat healthy food daily for a long period of time and feel better and better every day.



Well, with the mind is exactly the same, what we consume on a daily basis through our eyes and ears has consequences in our mind, heart and spirit, either short-term or long-term:

  • We can consume negativity either hearing or watching a self-destructive situation and feel bad right away or after a few days, or we can get very sad and depressed after having consumed negativity for a long period of time in our lives.
  • We can also consume positivity one day and feel awesome, or we can consume positivity on a daily basis for a long period of time and feel happier every day.






“There are realities we all share, regardless of our nationality, language, or individual tastes. As we need food, so do we need emotional nourishment: love, kindness, appreciation, and support from others.” – J. Donald Walters






Nourishing your mind with positive thoughts, it is as important as nourishing your body with fresh and healthy food, because if we fail to nourish our mind with positive thoughts, affirmations and beliefs, we put in danger our whole existence on this planet, and not because we run the risk dying, because that is something we cannot avoid, but because we run the risk of not having truly lived while we could, and you can never truly live if you carry a negative mind through your lifetime.

In order to nourish your mind, it is necessary avoiding contaminating your spirit with negativity. It can seem harmless, but most of the time it is not. Any negativity you consume every day, regardless of the amount, can have a huge impact in your mind, and if you are not aware of it, you will consume it day after day without realizing the damage that is causing you, and the result will be catastrophic, it will take over your mind, and it will rule your life and you will suffer from all the side effects: depression, sadness, anger and anguish.







Don’t feed your mind with negative thoughts. If you do, you will come to believe them.” – Catherine Pulsifer.







Would you go now to the kitchen and eat rotten food for dinner? I guess no, right? Because it will make you feel bad, and you will probably have diarrhea, nausea, fever and you will have to call somebody for help. So, why you read those magazines that poison your mind, and gives you wrong belief about yourself and your life, making you feel miserable? Or why you keep watching that TV show that plants seeds of hatred, wickedness and sadness in your mind? Or why you keep hanging out with those people whom only take out the worst of people included yourself, people whom only speak the language of hate, hopelessness, gossip, racism and evil? Or why you keep wasting your time consuming all the rubbish you see and hear in a TV show, a movie, in a song, or the rubbish you keep reading in Facebook, magazines, and books that only drains the happiness of your heart? If you don’t eat rotten food because it will make you sick, why do you consume all that rubbish that makes you feel bad?


If you feel happy, if you have the life of your dreams, if everything you consume is giving you happiness and peace, keep going that way then, but if you are not, you need to change your diet, and with that I mean what you watch and hear on a daily basis, even if you think that is not making you any damage, because it is probably affecting you in a way or another, as I said before we are what we think and believe, and those beliefs create our behavior, which gives us our perspective and our reality.




If you want to be happy, nourish your mind and soul with positive thoughts, and get rid of all the negativity around you. If you have positive thoughts about you and your life, it will give you positive feelings, and if you have positive feelings, your behavior will be positive, and so your entire reality will be much more positive.

2 thoughts on “Nourishing Your Mind With Positive Thoughts”

  1. Y que pasa cuando en donde estás viviendo, la sociedad está enferma, las cosas son negativas??? Obviamente que sí las puedo evitar, pero eso no significaría “escapar la realidad”??

    1. ¡Hola!
      Bueno antes que nada hablemos sobre la realidad, esta es totalmente relativa, ya que depende de la percepción de cada ser humano, tu realidad puede ser muy diferente a la de los demás, por eso no estamos condicionados a pensar y actuar como los demás, por ejemplo:
      Tu realidad es que Dios existe, ¿verdad? pero para muchos es solo una ilusión no la realidad, entonces podrías decir que al pensar diferente, al tener una visión diferente sobre la vida, ¿estarías escapando de la realidad o estarías escapando de la realidad de los demás?
      Entonces, si día a día elegís vivir una realidad diferente porque la realidad de los demás no concuerda con la tuya, si elegís consumir el bien, en vez del mal, si optas por amar en vez de odiar, si decidís entender en vez de criticar, si elegís ver y leer aquello que te enriquezca el alma, y no aquello que te lo marchite, si optas por sonreírle a la vida en vez de andar amargada, si decidís que tu vida vale más que el dinero, que la fama o el poder, si decidís quererte como sos en vez de querer convertirte en una imitación barata de alguien más, si optas por no consumir toda la basura que te venden, ¿estarías así escapando de la realidad? ¿O más bien estarías viviendo tu realidad, tu verdad? y si así eso fuera escapar de la realidad, entonces ¡que así sea! ¡Este mundo necesita desesperadamente más gente con otras creencias, con perspectivas diferentes, gente que tenga el valor suficiente como para pensar diferente, gente despierta que pueda ver que la realidad que nos ha impuesto esta sociedad no nos lleva a ningún lado! La realidad de esta sociedad no tiene por qué ser tu realidad, no tengas miedo en pensar y actuar diferente, no aceptes el mundo así como te lo dibujan, estas acá pero eso no significa que le pertenezcas a esta sociedad, sos libre de elegir, ¡seguí tu corazón, tu alma, tu verdad, tu realidad!

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