Beyond Numbers: How Attitude Outshines Age in Defining Our Lives

Age is nothing but a number to which we have attached great significance. Somehow, we have given it more meaning than we should, and so we let a number control our lives. The truth is that age does not define us or our destiny because it is not our age that counts but our attitude.



As today is my 26th birthday, I was thinking about life and age and how they influence our lives. It seems that we have an age for everything: an age to learn and study, an age to have fun, an age to get married and have kids, an age to be successful, an age to have, and an age where you are too old to do anything that you basically die before you are really dead.

We have given age the power to decide for us. It can determine if it’s right for us to do something. We base our decisions on our age, which most of the time leads us to make the wrong decision or to decide something according to our age rather than according to our feelings and desires. We do this due to the limitations we have put in our minds because of age.


“Don’t just count your years, make your years count.” – George Meredith


Age is a prison created by our society, which has deprived us of the freedom to do whatever we want whenever we want. It’s like we are in a race against time, where the age to be free, to be young, happy, have fun, enjoy life, be successful, be beautiful, and do whatever we want is very short, so we are pressed to do anything we can, at specific time with a particular age because after that age we become obsolete. We bury all our dreams and desires together with our happiness and passion for life and await the day that someone buries us with them.

The truth about age is that it’s an illusion because we are free to do whatever we love to do whenever we want, and above all, our dreams don’t have an expiration date, and it’s never too early or too late to chase them, and at any given moment we have the power to decide what we want to become and go and do whatever we can to become the person we always wanted to be. Our life is entirely under our control, and not age controls us because a number will be just a number if we do not give it any power.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” – C.S. Lewis

Today, I’m 26 years old; for some of you, I can be too young for some things and too old for others; the truth is I don’t care about age; today is a day to celebrate because I’m alive and that is all that matters today, being alive means that I still have the opportunity to do what I love and be happy because age and situations are not in control of my emotions, I’m the one who is in control. I know that happiness is something that lies within myself. I’m doing what I love and always will, regardless of my age, because age means nothing to me. My dreams and goals and my love for life keep me alive, and even if one day I reach my 100th birthday, I will be as alive as I am now because age will only matter the day I stop adding years to my life. After all, that moment will mean that I’m dead, and dreams, goals, passions, and everything that you love can only be achieved while you are alive.

The important thing in life is to know that age does not matter because what really matters is our attitude, faith, commitment, and perseverance. Of course, age indicates the passage of time, and so we have more difficulties at certain ages, but the key to living our lives to the fullest resides in our minds. There is nothing that can stop us from reaching our goals if we believe that everything is possible. Our mind is everything, and we should never let age interfere with us.

“Live your life and forget your age.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Let’s give less importance to age and more importance to our minds and attitudes because we cannot achieve anything and live a happy life if we don’t believe in ourselves. Remember, age is just a number, so don’t let it control your life. Age only indicates that you are alive to keep being happy, having fun, enjoying life, laughing, learning, dreaming, smiling, and living your life to the fullest!

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