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Follow Your Passion

We spend most of our time immersed in an endless race. We go through life chasing something, believing that it will give us everything we want. This thing is called money, and we believe that this will help us make all our dreams come true. We make money our first priority, we chase it at all costs, and in the end of this race we pay a high price for it and we lose it all. We realize that money made us blind, it made us follow the wrong path, and we have killed our own dreams, burned our desires, and extinguished the flame of our passion. To avoid this before is too late we must change our direction, and follow our passion, not money.




Somehow we have come to believe that having money is what will make us happy and successful. They told us a wonderful story about money, they painted a fantastic picture in our minds, what gave us the idea that money will allow us to buy every possession in this world, and so acquire an everlasting happiness, and we believed it. The problem with this is that we started chasing money instead our passion, not knowing that we were heading straight to our decay.

The problem when we chase money is that we fall into a big trap. This trap attracts us making us believe that money is the solution to all our problems, and the key to a happy and fulfilled life, so we start chasing it, falling into the trap, right into its claws, and slowly devours our souls alive. It consumes every part of us, and it makes us so addict, so dependent that we need it in order to survive, making us believe that in fact, money makes us happy, and the lack of it makes us miserable, and deaf and blind we defend this idea until we die.



“Chase your passion, not your pension.” – Denis Waitley




But how many successful people do you see out there? And with successful I do not mean having money, because having money does not always equals success, but I mean people living their passion, people who have achieved their dreams and desires, people who is happy living the life they want, people who is truly alive. How many people do you see happy doing what they are doing? Not many isn’t it?

The problem with most of us is that we chase money, we get it, and we settle. As long as we can acquire material possessions we are going to have the idea that we are happy the way we are, even if that happiness depends on something as ephemeral as money. We live under a system that makes us believe that money is the key to a happy life, so we do not follow what makes us really happy, we follow money, believing that one day we are going to be free enough to start chasing our passion, and that day never comes.




“There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela




Therefore, it is important to chase your passion. Your passion is your purpose, is doing what you love, what makes you happy. No matter what that is, you can always make a living doing what you love. Money shouldn’t be our main purpose, if that is your main reason of your existence then you haven’t figured out yet why you are really here, and you are limiting yourself from living a wonderful life.

If you chase money, you will always be chasing it, but if you chase your passion, money will follow. People chase money, they get it, they lose it, they get more, they lose more, they get it back, they throw it away, they think again how to get more, and they bury themselves more and more in this madness. This never stops, that is why most people are living a miserable life, and the problem is not that they have or not money, the problem is what they lose, what they hide, what they sacrifice, what they kill, what they destroy, what they forget for money.




“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” – Bishop T.D. Jakes




What is your passion? What makes you happy? What do you love to do? What is your dream? Take a time to think about it, this is really important my friend. Discover your purpose, find your passion, and go out and chase it, chase it under the sun, under the storm, through light or through darkness, when you feel strong or weak, not matter how hard it gets, or how far you are from reaching your goal, no matter how impossible it looks like, always follow your passion, and everything else, including money will follow. Do not settle, do not limit yourself, do not be the killer of your own dreams.





Decide what you want to do and do it. Be the best at it, fail, try again, fail better, and never stop. Chase your passion with confidence and commitment and live the life of your dreams!


Is Life a Competition?

Since we were children we are taught to compete. Day after day the habit of competing with others is shaped. When we less expect it that habit is created, and our whole life becomes a competition, a competition where we need to beat others in order to be successful. But is life really a competition? Do we need to compete in order to be successful? It is the act of competing with others what give us true victory? Can the result of a competition really define a human being? Let’s find out together more about competition, its definition, level of importance and impact on human beings.





According to the dictionary, a competition is “a situation in which someone is trying to win something or be more successful than someone else” In other words, we can define competition as being an opportunity to get a special prize that might have a special significance, or the opportunity to defeat others to declare oneself as being more successful or superior than someone else. Therefore, does this mean that we must focus on defeating others to be successful? It is by doing so, that one truly achieves victory? It is true that through competing with others one evolves, becomes superior, and achieves greatness?

Well, that will depend on the way we see it, that is to say, our own perspective, belief and idea of what a competition truly means. Two different beliefs are going to determine the true meaning of competition and the answers to those questions: 1. The belief that life is a competition, where you have to defeat others in every possible aspect of your life. 2. The belief that life is not a competition at all, and if there is one competition that is with the person you were yesterday.




“The only competition worthy of a wise man is with himself.” – Washington Allston




The first belief will define competition as the possibility to beat others to be successful, believing that through defeating others one gets true victory, what makes them more superior, what makes them evolve, and so achieve greatness.  The second belief will define competition as being merely the chance to be better than you were yesterday, believing that one is successful, evolves and achieves greatness by becoming the best version of oneself.

The people who have the first belief will focus on winning others. That will be their maximum goal, beating others will become their main desire, and the defeat of others will be their victory.  Those who have the second belief will focus on being better than they were yesterday, and becoming the best version of themselves will be their ultimate goal, and victory for them will mean being the person they were meant to be without needing to defeat others for being so.




“You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy.” – Arthur Ashe




As we can see competition is a word that can have many different meanings. The true is that nowadays people have accepted the first belief, because that is what this society taught us. It taught us that we need to compete, and in every competition, we have to win others in order to be successful. And this is not about sports, this is not a simple game, this is about life. Somehow, they transformed life into a competition. We compete not to become the best version of ourselves, but to simply defeat others, what gave us a wrong idea of life.

Every aspect of our life has become a competition. In every place there is an ongoing competition: In workplaces, schools, universities, homes, neighborhoods, bars, parks, and every corner of this world. We compete to see who has the best car, smartphone, house, clothes, shoes, we compete to see who has the best body, who looks better, who is more beautiful, we compete to see who has the best job, the best position, the best salary, we compete to see who has the best grades, or the most important degree, or anything that will put us in a “high status position”,  we compete to see who has the best birthday, wedding, funeral, it doesn’t matter, the fact is that we have to be better than others, that gives a fake sensation of happiness and success, that seems to fill our empty souls.




“Real learning comes about when the competitive spirit has ceased.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti




But, do we ever feel complete? No, not really, and that is why we never stop competing. We desperate need to be better than others to feel successful. What we don’t know is that the only person we need to be better than is the person we were yesterday. Being the person we were meant to be, doing the things we love without needing others approval, without needing to beat others, gives us freedom, and that makes us truly successful, that is how you really win this competition called “Life”, which in fact is not a competition at all, or not against others, but a competition against the person we were yesterday. Winning this game, means defeating the person that we are not, becoming the person that we really are, and that means becoming the best version of ourselves.

If you want to improve yourself, to develop your true potential, if you want to succeed at life, you will have to fight to become the person you are capable of becoming, if you believe in yourself and you think you are good enough to be the person you have imagined, then there is no need to compete with others, because you will realize that you don’t have competition, and if you don’t have competition, against whom are you going to compete with?






Life is not a competition, and if there is one competition, that is against ourselves. We create our own success by exceeding our own standards not by defeating others. So let’s go out and become the best version of ourselves!

La Leyenda de los Dos Lobos: La Batalla Interna

Resulta que hay dos lobos que siempre están luchando. Uno es oscuridad y desesperanza, y el otro es luz y esperanza. La pregunta es: ¿Cual gana?



La respuesta es: Aquel al que tú alimentes. Esta es una maravillosa frase que escuche en una película que vi recientemente llamada “Tomorrowland”, la cual tiene un mensaje muy lindo e inspirador. Pero en realidad esta pertenece a una leyenda de los nativos norteamericanos Cherokee, la cual me gustaría compartir con ustedes. Tómense el tiempo de leerla cuidadosamente, el mensaje es muy profundo y maravilloso, les aseguro que les encantara:




Una mañana un viejo Cherokee le contó a su nieto acerca de una batalla
que ocurre en el interior de las personas.

Él dijo, “Hijo mío, la batalla es entre dos lobos dentro de todos nosotros”.

“Uno es Malvado – Es ira, envidia, celos, tristeza, pesar, avaricia, arrogancia, autocompasión, culpa, resentimiento, soberbia, inferioridad, mentiras, falso orgullo, superioridad y ego.”

“El otro es Bueno – Es alegría, paz, amor, esperanza, serenidad, humildad, bondad,
benevolencia, amistad, empatía, generosidad, verdad, compasión y fe. La misma batalla ocurre dentro de ti, y dentro de cada persona también.”

El nieto lo meditó por un minuto y luego preguntó a su abuelo:

“¿Qué lobo gana?”

A lo que el viejo Cherokee respondió: “Aquél al que tú alimentes.”



Una hermosa historia, ¿verdad? Contiene un maravilloso mensaje, el cual nos enseña que nosotros decidimos. Depende de nosotros decidir cual de los lobos vamos a alimentar. No dependerá de nadie más que nosotros. La leyenda nos recuerda que todos tenemos un gran poder dentro de nosotros: El poder para decidir quien somos, lo que nos da el control de nuestros propios sentimientos, emociones y comportamientos.

Hay dos lobos, hay dos de nosotros, son opuestos pero iguales al mismo tiempo, ellos pelean pero al final se vuelven uno, y es en ese momento cuando uno de los lobos gana, y aquel que gana es aquel que nosotros decidimos elegir, es aquel en el que decidimos convertirnos. En cualquier momento dado nosotros tenemos la oportunidad de decidir cual lobo va a ganar la batalla. Nuestras circunstancias externas junto con cada persona que nos cruzamos en el camino va a ayudar a uno de los lobos, pero al final somos nosotros los que decidimos quien gana. Aquel que gana mas batallas, es decir, aquel al que más hemos alimentado ganara la batalla final. La pregunta es: ¿Cual de ellos vas a permitir que gane?




“No soy un producto de mis circunstancias. Soy un producto de mis decisiones.” – Stephen R. Covey




La primera y más importante pregunta que deberás hacerte a ti mismo es: ¿Quien soy? –  Ponte a reflexionar sobre ti mismo: ¿Cual de los dos lobos piensas que eres? ¿Con cual de los dos te identificas? ¿Que lobo representa tu verdadero ser? Una vez que descubras las respuestas a esas preguntas tú podrás decidir que lobo alimentar, y eso es lo más importante que pueda llegar a sucedernos: Saber quien somos verdaderamente y actuar de acuerdo a nuestro verdadero ser, siendo la mejor versión de nosotros mismos.

Cada día de tu vida, en diferentes situaciones, tendrás el poder de decidir. ¿Voy a alimentar hoy el lobo “malo” o el que no me representa o el lobo “bueno” es decir, aquel que si representa mi verdadero ser? ¿Voy a ser mi verdadero yo o voy a ser quién no soy? ¿Voy a permitir que situaciones externas controlen mis sentimientos, emociones y comportamientos o voy a actuar como mi verdadero ser? La decisión es tuya, y esa por supuesto es la parte mas difícil de aceptar, ya que es mas sencillo culpar a otros por nuestros comportamientos antes que tomar completa responsabilidad por lo que creemos, pensamos, decimos y hacemos. Pero siempre recuerda que no importa quien fuiste ayer, porque lo que realmente importa de ahora en más es quien decides ser en este momento. Tus decisiones pasadas no te definen, porque eres tu el que se define a si mismo con las acciones de tu presente, eres tu el que tiene el poder de decidir ahora quiere eres realmente.




“¿Quién eres ahora? ¿Quién has decidido que eres ahora? No piensen en quien has sido. ¿Quién eres? ¿En quien has decidido convertirte? Toma esta decisión de manera consciente. Hazlo con cuidado. Hazlo poderosamente.” – Tony Robbins




Tomemos unos minutos de nuestro día para pensar. Recordemos sobre los días pasados: ¿Qué lobo has estado alimentando? ¿Cómo te sientes sobre ello? ¿Sientes que has sido tú verdadero ser? Si tú vida esta llena de felicidad, alegría, paz, si tú crees, sueñas y deseas, si tu te sientes feliz incluso cuando tu vida no esta yendo un 100% de la forma que tu querías, si te sientes orgulloso de ti mismo, entonces probablemente tu has estado alimentando al lobo correcto, ya que has decidido sentirte de esa manera incluso cuando las circunstancias externas te han dado muchos recursos para alimentar al otro lobo. ¿Puedes verlo? Tú tienes el control en cada momento de decidir que lobo vas a alimentar, y cuando tenemos el control, somos libres, y así no somos mas vulnerables a las circunstancias que nos rodean.




Dos lobos, una decisión, tu eliges, el poder esta dentro de ti. Tus acciones te definirán y formaran tu destino. Entonces, ¿Qué lobo vas a alimentar hoy?