Find your inner child

Find your inner child

Find your inner child, and you will find yourself again. Go back to those times where everything seemed to be possible, those times where you could become whatever you wanted, those times where you could just be yourself.


“When childhood dies, its corpses are called adults and they enter society, one of the politer names of hell.  That is why we dread children, even if we love them, they show us the state of our decay.”

Brian Aldiss


Somehow we have mixed up the meaning of being a child, we gave to that word the meaning of being immature, not fully grown or emotionally undeveloped, and so when someone acts like a child, we say that he is a very immature person. But then I ask myself, every bad behavior which is realized day by day by humans against the world and every being around them, it is not an immature behavior?

The humans, especially those who are considered to be very mature, are the one who are destroying everything and everyone around them, even though they have been blessed with a beautiful world, a magnificent body with a wonderful mind with the power to create everything they want, but which they not used to create but to destroy, it is this a mature behavior?


“Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do.” – Jean de la Bruyere


The adults, those considered mature, are those who are constantly competing with each other, fighting with each other and those who are killing to each other, those people have forgotten the most important values as love, compassion, understanding, kindness, companionship and so on. And they have forgotten all that, because they have become a selfish person, they have become people who are only concerned with their own affairs.

When you grow up and become an adult, leaving the child behind, condemning the child spirit inside you to a death sentence, that’s when most of your dreams die, and that’s when part of your true self dies too, becoming your worst enemy. When you cease to be a child, you become vulnerable to all evil in this world, evil disguised as happiness, and so you let other adults who are also brainwashed by evil, to tell you what should you become in life, and what you should achieve either money, power, fame, material things and other nonsense.


“Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.” – Deepak Chopra


So I prefer to be like a child rather than an adult whose brain has been washed, I prefer the innocence of a child, a child who laugh just because he can, a child with creativity and imagination, a child who dreams, a child that believe that he can do anything in the world, a child who believe that he can be a superhero and help people, a child full of joy and love, a child that can see the beauty in the small things, a child who is happy for no reason, a child who can love even those things that are product of his imagination, a child who has friends no matter where they come from, a child who doesn’t discriminate others for their religion or race, a child who doesn’t know how to hate, a child who loves truly, and who is always loyal to that love without any kind of interest, selfishness, limitations or expectations.


“Hold the hand of the child that lives in your soul. For this child, nothing is impossible.” – Paulo Coelho


A child is an angel, who has become a puppet due to the environment where he was born, an environment which has taught him how to become a person with no dreams, no imagination, no hope, no happiness and no love.

It is time for all adults in this world find their inner child, that child who can make you be yourself again, who can bring you joy, happiness, hope and love, that child who will make you dream again, and will make you believe that everything is possible, that magic and miracles actually exist, so find you inner child, the one will make you a happy person again for no reason, a person who is grateful, specially for the small and more important things in this world, so find your inner child, play, laugh, have fun, enjoy life, be happy, dream, smile and live your life again.


“What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult.”

Sigmund Freud

2 thoughts on “Find your inner child”

  1. Muy cierta tu apreciación Melisa. Los niños cautivan con su inocencia, con su frescura y con su falta de picardía y maldad. Solo basta mirarlos a los ojos y se verá su inocencia. Debe ser por eso cuando el pueblo le llevó a Jesús unos niños para que los bendijera, enseguida saltó la mente complicada del hombre (y eso que eran sus discípulos) y los reprendieron. Sin embargo, Jesús al ver eso, contestó: “Dejad que los niños vengan a mí, y no se lo impidáis, porque de los que son como éstos es el reino de Dios. En verdad os digo: el que no recibe el reino de Dios como un niño, no entrará en él”. Esa es la idea. Ser adultos pero con un corazón de ni;os, por la frescura, por la falta de maldad y que no se deja arrastrar por el medio ambiente o por lo que la sociedad quiere que sea. El niño no conoce de modas, de estilos de vida, de odios, de disputas. El niño, simplemente es, es auténtico. Aparte, creo que no hay cosa más linda y divertida que dejar brotar ese niño interior sin importar la edad que uno tenga. Y lo digo por experiencia propia cuando me subo al carrito del supermercado con mercadería y bajo por la rampa hacia el estacionamiento. Obviamente fijándome no tener a nadie delante. Sino sería un poco “embarrassing” jajaja, lets put some humor to the thing 🙂

    1. Gracias muy lindo comentario! y me gusto mucho lo del carrito del super, esa es la actitud! 🙂 Hay que ser adultos pero sin perder el espiritu de niño, es ser simplemente ser uno, autentico, original y disfrutar de la vida en cada momento de nuestras vidas. Reirse y disfrutar de las simples cosas como un niño, hay que volver a creer, soñar e imaginar como un niño, todo asi sera posible, y todo volvera a tener mas sentido, volveremos a vivir y dejar de solo existir. 🙂

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